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Latest Interactive Motion Reel

2016 Reel of Interactive Motion Design work spanning my time at Tool of North America and freelance work.

Role: Animator, Designer
Tools: After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, VRay
Year: 2016

This reel demonstrates over 3 years of Interactive Motion Graphics while at Tool of North America. I directed a variety of motion graphics from User Interface animation for interactive projects in the browser, directed and animated full motion graphic pieces suitable for broadcast, and created entirely CG-animated branded short films for VR. In most cases, I was the only motion designer on a project, in other cases, I managed a small team of freelancers or studio animators.


00:07-00:09 Nissan Passion Genome: Motion Director

00:09-00:18 Cryptaris: 3D modeling, animation,texturing, UI animation, tracking, color correction

00:18-00:25 AirBnb: A World of Belonging: Character animation direction, 2D animation

00:25-00:32 Land Rover: The Vanishing Game: Title animation, interactive motion design

00:32-00:37 Google Hunger Games: 3D modeling, animation, lighting, color correction

00:37-00:42 Tool Reel Titles: 2D animation, compositing color correction, concept

00:42-00:49 Webbys 20th Annual Titles: 2D animation, rigging, animation director

00:49-00:52 IBM US Open Sessions: Layout animation

00:52-00:56 Nissan Passion Genome: UI Animation, concept

00:56-00:57 BMW Become Electric: UI Animation, concept 

00:57-01:00 Absolut: 3D animation, lighting, rendering, design

01:00-01:06 IBM Reinventing The Wheel: 3D modeling, animation, animation supervisor, 3D technical director, compositor, color correction

01:06-01:09 AT&T It's Our Time: 2D animation

Music: Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Fear Of Tigers remix)


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